Sunday 21 April 2013

Launching The Short Stories Club

Today is an exciting day.

I am announcing the official launch of The Short Stories Club, a blog dedicated to publishing monthly short stories by a variety of up-and-coming writers. Some of the writers on this blog are authors of published books, others are in various stages of completing their debut novels. One thing we all have in common - a reason, once a month, to put our great works aside and compile something short and distracting to entertain the readers of this blog.

So how does The Short Stories Club work?

Every month there will be a set topic. These topics can vary from an object, to a theme, to the first sentence of the story - perhaps even the last sentence of the story. Each writer will construct a short story of approximately 1,000 - 1,500 words and publish it on this blog at any time during that month.

What is a Super Month?

Every quarter there will be a Super Month, which means the stories that month will be approximately 2,500 words each. This is a great opportunity for our writers to produce something a little more in-depth, while giving our readers something juicier to bite their teeth into.

That's pretty much it for the rules. Each writer decides what genre they would like to write in and has full control over the direction of their stories. If you discover a writer that you love, make sure you check out their personal profile to see what other works they have done.