Monday 9 September 2013

Terror unforeseen

*Guest Author contribution*

By Denis Fitzpatrick, © 2013

God was in two Minds. God did not Like, did not in the slightest Like, being in two Minds. It was the most awful Experience that He had ever had, but by the same token His pain had been caused by a new Insight. It was a very problematic Insight regarding His Son, Christ, and God was for the first time in eternity vaguely Considering whether His Good Son Ought to be Chastised. Mayhap severely Chastised. God was not going to crucify Him again though, it should be noted.
God had always been well Pleased with His Son, Whom had perfectly Followed His Intuition in Fulfilling God’s Commandments, but God had just now Realised that Allowing Christ to Forgive everybody’s sins had unintentionally allowed those of an evil disposition to operate with impunity; simply mutter a few Pater Nosters after each instance of inflicting evil and your sins are entirely forgiven. Why hadn’t His Divine Majesty Foreseen this eventuality? Because His Divine Majesty had almost Finished His first glass of red in over three thousand years and it was allowing Him to see Reality from new perspectives. This wine had very clearly pointed out that paedophiles, rapists, torturers, misogynists, and others of ill ilk, were routinely performing their multifarious vile abominations and then saying a few prayers, to be then completely forgiven.
Another wine was certainly in order.
God poured Himself a glass and Put the bottle away. He would Stay Away from it for another three thousand years considering all the trouble that it was causing.
He Sat back and Took a Sip, Ruminating. Soon He had a second Sip and Realised that He Would have to Write out the pros and cons of Calling Christ in for some serious Disciplining. He Got up from His Armchair, Selected two sheets of paper from His turned off Printer, and Sat down at His Kitchen Table to Write out the following:
1) My Son has undoubtedly Caused this calamity and an appropriate Punishment Ought to Prevent any more similar occurrences; after all, We have a very serious responsibility to Guarantee life’s eternity and absolutely nothing must be allowed to endanger that.
2) Hopefully a suitable Disciplinary Measure will also make Him not so Enamoured of Me: I wish He’d stop visiting every Sunday and Move to a suburb other than My own. Over the hills and far away.’
These two pros for Chastising Christ for His Error God Realised upon each other’s heels, but now Sat back in His Kitchen Chair, Nibbling the top of His Pen, Considering other Reasons. No further pros were immediately apparent so He then Decided to Use the other sheet of paper for the cons.
Well, there really was only the one ‘con’, the fact that Christ’s Mistake had been utterly Unintended. God though Chose not to Write this into the list as Christ should really have Been a lot more Guarded, Considered all of the possible consequences far more, if He had Reasonably Planned to Hand everybody a blank moral cheque. Yes, there was no doubt in God’s Mind now; this Mistake Ought to Be instantly Corrected, before some sick individual destroys all of sentient Reality, to be then Forgiven with the hollow chant of a few prayers.
God Pondered for a short time.


Christ Answered God’s call after His third Ring,
My Son!’
Hello, Father.’
My Son, We have a rather serious problem on Our Hands. To be blunt, My Son, You have accidentally Allowed for the Absolution of persistent, terrible wrongs with simply some short prayer.’
Christ was silent, Suddenly Realising the Consequences of His blanket Forgiveness.
Oh my God!’ He said.
Indeed, My Son. You had better Get over here quickly to Sort this out.’
Yes, Father.’
See you soon,’ said God, and then Put the Phone on standby.
Christ Knocked on God’s Door when He had Sat back down with a fresh coffee.
Come in,’ Ordered God.
Christ Entered. He was still svelte, but no longer Bearded, with fine long brown Hair. He was dressed in green Shorts, dark Boots and a collared bright blue Shirt.
Forgive me, Father!’
Take a Seat. Coffee?’
Christ Sat on the perpendicular Sofa, Replying,
No, Thank You, but I may well need a glass of cool water.’ God got Him some water from the fridge and Resumed His seat. After a healthy swallow by Christ, God began,
So, You are now fully Aware of this disaster?’
Surely it’s only a Loophole? I did not intend for My forgiveness to sanctify wilful abomination!’
Yes, it is a Loophole, Granted, but, My Dear Son, ‘tis a Loophole that should have been Foreseen.’ Christ tremblingly Picked up his Glass again and Took another deep Draught.
Nor may we Unforgive those sins; that has never Been Done. I Don’t Think it even can be Done.’
What are We to do, Father?’
There is no ‘We’ about it; I cannot Intervene directly into Reality’s workings. You, on the other hand, My Beloved Son, are Going to have to Come up with some Solution. If It’s The Second Coming, so be it, but I will not Risk life’s complete obliteration by some unscrupulous madman. Or madwoman. You, Christ, had better sort this out very quickly because Reality has its belly exposed.’
Christ Finished off His water, and then Stared into the empty Glass. He soon Looked up, saying,
Forgive Me, Father, for I have sinned. I Bear full responsibility for this ill. But I will Need Your help, Father. I cannot Do it all over again; I cannot Refine Mine Suffering of yore that still Abides for all. I am no longer young, Father.’
I really See no choice, My Son: there will have to be a Second Coming. It Appears the only sure way of making Your True Word known. You will have to Be extra Vigilant this time around though, perhaps be a bit more Politic with today’s Pharisees.’
But they doubted Me the first time and they will doubt Me once more.’
That is why this Visitation must be more carefully Planned. A Second Coming has been foretold so Your Planning is that much easier.’
Christ had Decided to Fight back.
It cannot be!’ He exclaimed. ‘There is always another choice, another alternative. Possibilities are endless, and there is always hope in some unlooked-for chance.’
Of course there are other alternatives, ones unsuspected, but a Second Coming is the surest way considering the risk that We run to Reality.’
Give me time, Father. I will, with Fasting and Meditation, Discover the Solution, fully Realise how to close this Loophole without endangering the gains that We have already Made.’
It must be soon, My Beloved, only Son.’ God closed His Eyes for about ten seconds, Opening Them to then Proclaim,
Very well. By Luna’s next full face a week hence Thou must Return with the Broken Horns of this dilemma.’
Yes, Father.’
Christ then returned home to Prepare Himself.


God was Surprised, and tentatively Hopeful, to See His Son, the next midnight but one. Christ had Resumed His natural, wide Smile that always Hovered about His Lips. God Bid Him Enter upon His Knock.
Hello, Father.’
Greetings, My Son. You Bear a welcome Insight?’
Yes, Father.’ He Resumed His Seat of a couple of days ago.
Well, what is this Answer?’
I Need Simply to Inspire the faithful, Reveal to them wilful abominations May no longer stand before The Lord. There are sins that may not be Forgiven if those sins are done with a view to a sham penance. This Work has begun already, My Dreams of earlier last night and the night before being Filled with a new Ministry, Revealing to the devout that We do not mean to Tolerate systematic abuse be Forgiven. It will no longer be Acceptable that the wicked may rely on a few prayers after their constant abominations to earn peace.’
How can We spread this Message?’
Through those of the word, Father: through prophets, evangelicals, from pulpits, anyone with an urge to spread words of peace. This Work has already begun, Father, for I have Dreamed of a lonely man proclaiming this Truth to a wide audience. I saw him thrice, Father, his words reaching out and healing the Breach in the Moral Law.’
The Work has begun?’
The Work has begun, Father, and I already Feel it is taking root.’
Perhaps It was indeed the Solution, the more likely to take hold, appealing to reason rather than the quite probable chaos of a Second Coming.
God was once more well Pleased with His Son.
Then let it be. You will Spread this New Revealed Word through willing artists and prophets of all calibres.’

     ‘Yes, Father.’ Christ then left to Return to His own allotment of Paradise, Mentally Preparing to Return to Sleep and Dream of His New Message’s Diffusion, begun with the lonely man of His recent Dreams.

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