Wednesday 11 June 2014

Blue Fire.

 By: Michael Carta.

      Matiac slowly forced his eyes to open and was soothed by the beauty of the foliage above him. He felt as if he was floating as he looked up through the tree branches into the deep blue sky. Suddenly he started gasping for air and began to panic. As he tried to sit up, he cried out as a sharp pain in his left side made him collapse back. His limbs were heavy and he struggled to move his hands to the source of pain. He gripped at his side out of reflex and was alarmed to find it wet. Delirious, he rolled over to his side and looked down. To his horror he found that his fingers were now coated in dark colored blood. Instantly a rusty aroma filled his lungs. “What the hell…” he moaned. “Where’s my sword… where am I?” Warmth glazed over his body and his vision began to narrow. “Is this it?” he pondered as he drifted from consciousness into darkness. At last moment he saw a tall dark figure approach him.    
      Several hours later he awoke with a pounding headache. It was now late at night with plenty of visibility due to the full moon. “I am not dead?” Confused, he lifted his hands up and stared at the blood which was now dried and caked to his fingers. He tried sitting up again and to his surprise experienced no pain. In fact, his limbs were light and he felt well and rested. Bewilderingly, he pulled up his bloodstained tunic to investigate his wound. There was only a fresh bruise roughly the size of a fist located above his hip. It was sensitive to the touch, but gave no source for the blood. Relieved and thoroughly confused he staggered to his feet. His bones ached but his head felt better. 
      Strange silver glimmers danced in the moonlight and caught his eye a few yards away in the dense bushes. Without hesitation he was drawn to it. He could not make out what it was at first, but after several moments of rummaging through the leaves and roots he unearthed an apple sized orb. It fit perfectly in the palm of his hand and was strangely light weight. The silver color faded into absolute blackness so dark that it seemed to make his hand disappear. Warmth engulfed his entire left arm as his grip tightened, and he was then filled with revitalizing strength. He was oblivious to any pain and forgot about his current situation. In that moment his world was silent, all that mattered was the orb. He failed to notice that there was something walking up behind him. 
      Off to the East and without any warning a cacophony of horrendous screams pierced the air. It made him shriek and his muscles tensed. “What is that wretched sound?” The ambient noise from the insects ceased and all Greg could hear was his own breathing. Moments later another voice blared out, but was silenced by an unknown source. It was louder this time and whatever it was, it was getting closer. In the distant trees north of him, he began to see a faint blue glow that was spreading outward and moving in his direction.
Behind him a deep voice spoke: ”Midlander”. Matiac turned and lunged back to gain distance from whatever was behind him. Before him stood a tall dark figure with bright blue eyes that illuminated the long lines of his pale face. He was too tall to be man, and those eyes were bright like small flames. “What are you, where am I?” Matiac insisted as his mind raced with questions. “What is going on, what is out there, where am I, is this one of the woodland folk my grandfather used to tell stories about?”

     The deep voice responded: “Great fortune smiles upon you this day midlander- that orb is no mere trinket. I was able to heal your wounds; you were very close to the other side, I must say. Though, you must make haste. For, what approaches is unknown to your kind. If you wish to survive this night, take flight now and never return to these woods!”
     “I do not know where I am, or where to go. I need some answers.” The blue glow was more prominent and began to illuminate the area in which they stood.
      “There is no time, go that way as far as you can until daybreak- take the orb with you. Only then will you be safe!” The tall stranger then pushed Matiac towards the southern tree line with a concerned look upon his face. The compassion was genuine and he felt this new acquaintance was trustworthy. He ran as fast as he could manage, but noticed the tall figure stayed behind. The orb began to become heavier in his hand and his feeling of fear diminished. He slowed his pace and decided to crouch behind the cover of the bushes fifty or so yards out. Curiosity overwhelmed him as he decided to wait and see what was approaching the tall stranger.
     Moments later the blue light faded and a small outline emerged from the trees. Bathed in the moonlight there stood a woman. She was completely nude and had short blue hair, which flowed as if it were underwater. Her form was captivating and majestic. Matiac was easily enchanted by her beauty and could focus on nothing else. She was approaching the tall stranger who stood ruggedly facing her. He cried out: “You have failed this night!  For, the orb is safe and far from here!” His deep voice was shaky and fearful. 
       “Why was he so afraid her? I must talk to her, I must hold her.” Matiac tried to stand up and walk towards her like a horse drawn to water, but the orb was too heavy to lift. He looked down at it frustratingly, and then was distracted by the return of the strange blue glow. He look up at women who was now covered in a soft blue flame, her hair too began to dance like fire as the light grew. The tall figure stood his ground and look up towards the stars. “I join you now my brethren.” He said to himself.  The woman calmly reached out and placed her hand on his arm. There was a slight paused before the tall stranger erupted in lavish red flames. He broke away from her grip and began sprawling on the ground screaming as he was burned alive.  The red flames turned greenish as his body was consolidated into a small pile of ash. The ashes were then consumed by the woman’s blue flames that now covered the ground around her. There was a subtle smirk on her face as she stood there in the glory of fire. Her head turned right towards Matiac and she spoke: “Come now, my child… bring me the orb. Do not fear what you do not know…” Her seductive voice was soft and laced with deceit. In her wake, as she approached his hiding place, a path of burnt remnants trailed behind her.

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